Februari 2018

4 Ways to Practice Self-Love

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4 Ways to Practice Self-Love

On your list of priorities, where do you land? Between work, spouse (or significant other), kids, and the myriad of life’s other obligations, it’s so important to take a little time for self –love. We’ve got four tiny tweaks you can use to boost your overall health and happiness.
Exercise for the right reasons.
Whether for the number on the scale, maintenance, mental health, or simply an hour break from your “real” responsibilities, carve out time for yourself 3-4 times per week just to shut your brain off and let endorphins take over.  This is especially important on the days that seem extra stressful, or you’re feeling more fatigue.  Trust us, a little sweat can go a long way!
Do you, for you.
Often find yourself saying “yes” to things you don’t necessarily want to do, because you think you should or feel like that’s what’s expected of you?  If it doesn’t bring you happiness, don’t do it!  Give yourself permission to say “no” once in a while – if you’d rather stay home, cuddle up with a new book, or your favorite reality TV show and a glass of wine… you do you, girl!
Give me yourself a break.
Life can be hard! Acknowledge what you’re doing well and tell yourself that you are doing a great job. In fact, you’re crushing it at this thing called life.  Give yourself some credit. Then, pick up your chin and keep dancing!
Go for (Goal)ed
If you’re feeling a little stagnant, there’s no time like the present to become a “goal digger.” Is there a hobby you’ve wanted to pick up?  Career or education goals? A destination you’ve been dreaming of visiting? Break your goals down into steps. Then, work toward them to reap a renewed sense of purpose, accomplishment and self-worth.  Once you check one off your list, start on the next one. “Celebrate every tiny victory,” as we like to say.
How do you find time for self-love?

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