Februari 2017

Five Foolproof Ways to Slay Your Goals

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Five Foolproof Ways to Slay Your Goals

If you’re like us, you’re really good at doing things for others. Sister needs help with her resume? No problem. Help your best friend move? Done. Best teacher for your kiddo? Totally willing to talk directly to the powers that be to make that happen.

And yet, when it comes to getting something we want for ourselves, suddenly we become…flexible. A goal may seem important one day only to be set aside to listen to a friend who’s having a bad day at work the next. Or, we decide to give up sugar only to find out it’s the boss’ (who just loves chocolate cake!) birthday. Ugh.

Because you are so worth it, now is the time to start advocating for you. To support you in going for it, we’ve got five foolproof ways to ensure you slay your goals.

  1. Set your intention. Understand why you’re doing this and how it benefits you in the end. That way, when down the road you ask yourself “Why did I get myself into this?”, your intention will keep you going.

  2. Commit to yourself every day. Decide right here and now that you are committed, and then decide that again every day until your goal is reached. Say it in the mirror, write it down, post it to social media, whatever is most motivating and compassionate for you. Make a contract with yourself. You are worth making a commitment to.

  3. Schedule your priorities. On your calendar or your calendar app or even setting your phone’s alarm, block out the time you need for the activities that will help you achieve your goal.

  4. Find an accountability partner. Having someone to hold you accountable is a great way to feel supported, especially when the going gets rough. Plus, accountability and teamwork increase the chance of reaching your goal.

  5. Keep striving. The unexpected will come up, but don’t get down on yourself for getting delayed. Shake it off, and keep pressing forward.

As you strive for your goals know that you are doing something good for yourself. And the better cared-for you are, the more you have to give others. Remember, a goal is meant to push you out of your comfort zone and into a greater state of living. Stay motivated. Press on. Have fun. You’ve got this!

What are some things you’re working toward? Share with us in the comments!

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Archer Halpern
I've read the book and really enjoyed it.
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