Our instructors are expertly trained to mix in new moves with hit music so classes are always different, keeping your workouts fresh and challenging. Ongoing training programs ensure that instructors master our method which fuses cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and modern dance. Plus, we offer different formats for the variety you need to stay motivated and break through plateaus.

Our Class Formats
Dance Mixx

Our signature class format is the ultimate full-body workout. 40 minutes of high intensity, dance-based cardio are followed by 20 minutes of strength training and stretching. Your certified instructor will motivate you to dance, jump, kick, plank, push-up and crunch your way through hit music that distracts you from the burn.


Interval Dance Mixx

The original dance fitness class—with a HIIT twist. 40 minutes of dance-based cardio alternates between high and low intensity moves designed to maximize your calorie-burning potential. 20 minutes of full-body strength training and stretching keep those calories burning long after class is over.



This circuit-based, one-hour workout consists of 40 minutes of high intensity, dance-based cardio, sprinkled with strength training using free weights and resistance tubes. Finish up with 20 minutes of full-body strength training and stretching to maximize muscle building and calorie burning.


Flip Fusion

This class turns circuit-based Fusion on its head. Where Fusion starts with cardio, Flip Fusion’s first 40 minutes consist of intense strength training—heavy repetitions of concentrated muscle work—with bursts of cardio sprinkled throughout. You’ll finish up with multiple core-based strength routines and final stretches your muscles will be grateful for.


Interval Fusion

Alternate between high intensity cardio and concentrated muscle work in the first 40 minutes of this HIIT class. Designed with an emphasis on strength work, you’ll finish with a final blast of strength training and stretching. This intense workout will leave you feeling challenged and accomplished.



Your stability, strength and determination will be challenged in this dancing abs class designed to tone your core through both aerobic and strength work in 60 minutes.



A 60-minute cardio and strength class that utilizes kickboxing-based cardio routines. Get in your jabs, hooks, kicks and punches for a high intensity, kick-butt workout. Finish with a blast of full-body strength training and stretching that will leave you feeling ready to conquer the day.


Strength 30

Cut to the chase with this power-packed, 30-minute class that uses weight and resistance training to make the most of your workout. Designed to target the entire body, your instructor will select routines for the upper body, lower body and core. You’ll be in and out in half the time but feel stronger than ever.


Strength 60

This one-hour, full-body strength training class is designed to challenge and tone the major muscle groups. You will squat, curl, push-up and plank using free weights and other training equipment selected by your instructor. Each routine is choreographed to music, so you’re motivated to keep moving.



No time is wasted in this 30-minute blast of dance-based cardio. In an Express class, you’ll spend most of your time in high-intensity cardio routines and finish up with a quick round of strength training and stretching at the end. You’ll be sweating—and smiling—when you walk out the door.


Personal Touch

Supercharged intensity in a small group or individual setting is tailored to meet specific personal fitness goals. Additional fees may apply.


Junior Jazzercise

Kids have a blast dancing to new music mixes and playing fitness games created just for them. It’s a great introduction to fitness, coordination, strength, nutrition, and confidence all while having fun!



Muscles, not momentum, drive this 60-minute class. This is a low impact, dance-based cardio and strength training class designed with you in mind. High impact movements are replaced with hop-less alternatives that protect the joints. All are welcome and encouraged to try out this muscle-driven workout, but make no mistake—you’ll leave sweating and feeling accomplished.




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